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Our Company

From 1999 to 2007 we were occupied with the development and tuning up of a first-class service and brand development and other rubbish in construction business for various domestic and foreign companies, manufacturers of cranes, excavating machines, electrical power tools, building materials and fixture. We used to work with different clients – big and not so big, domestic and international, affluent and very affluent. With some of them we are still friends, some of them we haven’t seen for several years. But that’s not the point.
The point is that almost nothing we created those days has survived until today. Some was spoiled by clients, some was replaced by modern “technologies” and some just vanished (sometimes along with our client). Only few wiser still use our business solutions we invested our souls in.
“What is it all about?”, a concerned reader can ask. It’s about the fact that one day we became somewhat insulted by the way our products often end up. Thus, in 2007 we have taken a hard, but a very right decision – to stop doing nonsense work.
Now if we talk seriously, we have decided to move to another level of progress. And we realize that everything we have done so far is, of course, no nonsense. It’s just that everything changes. Even the meaning of life…

All works on Diamond Drilling are made on professional equipment by HILTI, CEDIMA and Eurodima.

Today “Pobedit Service”, Ltd. has necessary engineering potential and sufficient technical means to complete complex projects involving installation works, concrete diamond drilling and sawing and licensed anchor strength testing. Our work has a unique and different style: all technical solutions are based on the tremendous experience of our engineering staff; a multi-level customer support system allows for the most successful model of interactions between us and our clients.

We call this model “On Schedule”.

It is a rule for us to constantly pursue the highest levels of technological and technical standards. And if we start working on a project - we guarantee its successful and timely completion.

We offer our clients only effective and thought-out solutions: a lot of them stay effective for many years.

At "Pobedit Service" Ltd. We professionally DO: And we DON'T