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A unique feature of Pobedit Service, Ltd. is its all-around and integral approach to performing our tasks.

We develop solutions based not only on client’s desires – we also try to always research the subject area of every order we get.  Therefore, we always ready to offer our clients a bit more to it than just simple work completion.  A wide use of our scientific and technical potential allows us to create unique solutions in fields of anchor strength testing, diamond drilling and installation works.

Our multipurpose approach is achieved due to thorough work cycle planning and organizing.  We control not only the work process itself and completion progress, but also the finance and supply materials delivery schedule.

Here are some benefits of having Pobedit Service, Ltd. as a system partner:

- We provide sound and literate technical solutions of different difficulty levels in fields of anchor strength testing, diamond drilling and installation works.

- We have experienced engineering staff.

- We have broad experience in innovative approaches to construction tasks and solutions.

We have extensive knowledge on how to use domestic and international methods of anchor testing.

- We own equipment for diamond drilling, sawing, bursting and crunching of concrete.

- We can test the installed equipment especially when there is no requirements for its service and operation.

- We develop our own engineering documentation for installation and engineering systems.

- We possess the technology of working on unique and complex projects (technical know-how).

- We are a stable and reliable company able to provide you with a follow-up service for many years after project completion.