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Anchor Strength Testing

In many cases the ideal tensile and sheer load figures for different anchors shown in various manufacturers’ catalogues differ substantially from real life results.  This is a consequence of substantial differences in construction materials and installation techniques.  Therefore, often there is a need in conducting a series of professional anchor load bearing capacity tests on client’s construction site.  Often it is the only way to obtain adequate and real data on anchor load capacity.

“Pobedit Service” offers its services in carrying out licensed anchor load bearing capacity tests. We are able to test any kind of steel and chemical anchors, frame and insulation fixings and the like.

We own a wide range of hydraulic pull-out testers with tension load capacity of up to 150 kN ensuring that we can test almost any kind of anchor right on client’s construction site thus saving time and money. 

A team of professional engineers is always ready to visit your construction site to inspect base materials, install an anchor and conduct a pull-out test.

We are also ready to train your staff on how to install anchors correctly.  We can do this training right on your site with anchor installation demonstration.

After all test are done you will get a certificate of confirmation that meets the requirements of the Russian Federal Construction Center and all legal requirements of the Russian Federation.