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Installation Works

Progressive method of installation works organization and execution from “Pobedit Service”, Ltd.

All members of our installation teams strictly abide by company’s internal discipline rules and labor legislation, comply with the requirements of technology and work organization. An installation team is led by a foreman – a highly qualified professional worker with on-site experience of not less than 3 years. There are two types of teams in “Pobedit Service”: specialized team and multitask team.
Specialized team carries out one type of installation works with similar technological processes and consists of workers with similar specialties.
Multitask team consisting of professionals with different specialties is able to carry out complex tasks. We consider a multitask team to be the most effective.
“Pobedit Service”, Ltd. is committed to full and timely performance of its obligations under contracts and in full compliance with design documentation. We also care to follow the rules of storing and keeping of materials and components allocated for installation, to use equipment in a rational and careful way and to strictly follow the industrial safety rules.
Successful and qualitative conclusion of installation works depends on timely preparation of a construction site. It is crucial for intermediate storage of materials, lifting and transporting equipment preparation, building of required industrial and sanitary facilities and carrying out necessary industrial safety measures.
As other integral parts of installation works preparation process we also include timely transfer of necessary equipment and materials to be installed and used on site, construction site status inspection (construction site itself, industrial buildings, foundations for future equipment, etc.) and acceptance procedures, delivery of pre-assembled units to the work zone.
It is required that all other works in buildings, facilities and foundations are finished by the time installation works teams move to the construction site, including all openings and cuts made for pipelines installation, all axis and elevation levels of future equipment marked, all passageways and driveways cleared from debris. During inspection-acceptance procedure an executive scheme of embedded plates and other fixings has to be handed over. Deviations of actual sizes and dimensions must not exceed values specified by a corresponding CNaR (Construction Norms and Rules document).
Before the installation works begin, our specialists thoroughly study design documentation, project works plot and equipment’s manufacturer manuals.

Anchor Installation

As professionals in modern anchor installation techniques we offer our clients all range of solutions in this field: from anchor selection and concrete drilling to direct anchors installation on a construction site.
For more than 10 years we work with construction anchoring systems produced by leading world manufacturers. This time has been enough for us to realize the importance of anchors as a key condition for long and safe use of various constructions and equipment. When choosing anchors for our clients we consider not only mere anchor loads, but a complex system of “anchor – base – detail – load – usage” and interactions within such system.
We have gained great experience in different anchor systems. Ventilated facades, scaffolding structures, load-bearing structures of buildings and facilities, road and tunnel construction, HVAC and other engineering systems – in all these fields we have applied our knowledge and skills.
We can install chemical anchors in cracked concrete, heavy steel anchors for dynamic loads, special anchors with load capacity of up to 150 kN, underwater anchors, special anticorrosive anchors – all of the above mentioned tasks we do professionally and regularly.
Anchor selection is performed by our engineering staff on the basis of specialized software developed by renowned world leaders such as fischer GmbH, HILTI, MKT.